AFT Technology

Advanced Technology for Fitness Equipment, Device and Service Cos.

Engagement, Retention and Results are the cornerstones of success in the fitness industry. AFT makes your fitness product or service more effective.

AFT's advanced algorithms develop a deep understanding of your users and their individual goals. We use data create to personalized paths and motivations to achieving health and wellness. Resulting in lasting behavior change.

AFT Advanced Fitness Technology:

  • Acquire
  • Retain
  • Engage
  • Socialize
  • Gamify
  • Deliver Better Results
  • Earn More Revenue

Enabling the Future of Fitness

Cognitive technology that knows users and understands their needs.

Intuitive technology that provides powerful insights.

Intelligent technology uses data to deliver amazing results.

Social technology that creates fitness communities.

Gamification technology engages users and makes exercise enjoyable.

AFT gives fitness manufacturers a competitive advantage. Provide a truly interactive expereince to exercisers. Deliver a social expereince and make exercising with your equipment challenging and fun. Integrate with a broad range of apps and devices. Provide a higher ROI to gyms and studios.
AFT enables you to focus on developing state–of–the–art devices. We power the technology that makes your device more useful. Easily integrates with your existing apps and software. Makes your device easier to use, more social with true gamification. Connects with a broad range of equipment and apps. Delivers better results.
Focus on what you do best, let AFT do the rest. Whether you develop fitness apps, technology for fintess clubs or business solutions, AFT easily integrates with your code and extends the functionality of your offering. Socialize, gamify your product offering delivering better results for users and higher ROI for your customers. Effortlessly connect with a broad range of equipment, devices and apps.

AFT Features


Stop FitTech attrition with AFT. Our technology scours the Internet to learn about your users. This removes the need for users to continuously input data, drastically increasing usage and retention.


We know your users better that you do. Really! Based on our imtimate knowledge of your users AFT can help you deliver a customized exercise expereince based on individuals preferences and goals.


AFT technology seamlessly integrates with your users daily lives. AFT knows what they do, when they do it and for how long. This data is used to efficiently and effortlessly combine fitness with users other activities.


AFT uses advanced geospatial technology to know where your users have been, where they are, where they are going, to connect users based on location and suggest where & when to best use your product or service.


AFT uses rich streams of data to develop a deep understanding of your users and provides helpful insights that enable you to deliver a more enjoyable, effective expereince, maximizing fitness results.


The AFT Social Platform enables your to easily integrate effective social features with your equipment, device or service that creates meaniful fitness communities.


Badges, Power–Ups and Leaderboards are child's play. The AFT Gamification Platform uses real game mechanics to engage users and effect in lasting behavior change.


AFT seamlessly connects your equipment, devices and services to a broad range of fitness products & services while connecting users enabling real–time communication and collaboration.


Ambient Fytns Technology is integrated with a broad range of equipment, devices and services.
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Endorsed by the Fitness Industry

The Future of Fitness

Ambient Fytns Technology is leading the fitness industry into the future.

A Must See!

AFT unveiled some of the most promising FitTech during the 2015 IHRSHA convention.

The Evolution of Fitness

Ambient Fytns Tech represents the next evolution in fitness.

FitTech Delivers ROI

AFT has developed advanced technology the delivers real ROI for the fitness industry.

PTs Take Notice

AFT is FitTech that delivers more clients, better results and higher revenue.

The Future of FitTech

Ambient Fytns Technology offers advanced FitTech that benefits the entire fitness community.